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Why Partnership With Prad?

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Prad Automotive Is Off-Road Vehicles Accessories Manufacturer & OEM Solution Provider. Our single off-road event & campaign can surpass any big marketing campaign for a fraction of the investment.

5 reasons Automobile companies work with Prad!

  • High-quality products that meet and exceed industry standards, ensure finished products live up to customer expectations.
  • Competitive price structure with no compromise on quality and standards.
  • Great expertise in accelerating the time to market for the goods.
  • Flexible and quick to adapt to changes in demand or product specifications. 
  • Facilitating long-term partnerships and contributing to a stronger dealer community in the automotive ecosystem.

Accessories Range

We have a predefined set of accessories. We are also open to anything new that your vehicle need.


3 Core Principles Of Prad

Beyond Safety Enhancing Experience.


Our premium range of off-road accessories is designed keeping the customer in mind, adhering to the most stringent safety procedures while being sophisticated enough for the customer's look and feel.


Products are engineered using advanced safety measures and lightweight materials, making them highly durable, reliable, and easy to maintain. The products so designed can withstand extreme conditions while maintaining integrity.


We build vehicles by utilizing cutting-edge technology, and lightweight materials to increase safety, performance, efficiency, and smooth driving dynamics, with occupant protection as a top priority to avoid accidents.

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